2. An ad for a Japanese lighter. Wow.

    (by Jii Lighter)

  3. Retroactive ad of the year.

  4. Is this the best? It might be the best. 

    Ace Power!

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  5. Fantastic. (via motionographer and Ned Wenlock)

  6. (via Tumblr)

    (via Tumblr)

  7. Typographic spam.

    Typographic spam.

  8. theatlantic:

    If When Facebook Runs Your Television Advertising

    A London voucher code company put out a pretty nice hoax product called Hearscreen over the weekend. They imagined a world in which televisions’ built-in microphones listened in on conversations and then displayed discount-code advertisements based on what you were talking about.

    The whole thing might sound ludicrous. On the other hand, this is precisely (precisely!) how Facebook works. 

    While you have conversations with your friends, Facebook “listens” (in the parlance of this hoax) and presents you with contextual ads based on what you’ve said. Mention your engagement and you’ll be shown engagement gear. Mention your interest in basketball and you could be shown jerseys.

    What’s fascinating about Hearscreen is that it is not only plausible, but predictable. The things which had held it back were: 

    1) The TV-microphone install base, which is coming, 
    2) Reliable voice processing, which you may have heard is now coming installed in just about every phone, and 
    3) An ad market to develop to buy and sell these kinds of contextual ads. 

    The last thing is the toughest part, but it’s also what Google and Facebook specialize in, and you know they want to and will be on and in your television. 

    Add all that up and the Hearscreen concept — contextual advertising based on real-life conversations you’re having — will happen.

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  9. Opening Ceremony 'A Bout de Souffle' by AB/CD/CD from Partizan on Vimeo.

    Partizan films along with AB/CD/CD have created a series of clever ads for Opening Ceremony to promote their Spring/Summer 2012 collection. They’ve taken the clichés of Jean-Luc Godard films – over-the-top romance, cheesy lines – and turned them on their head.

    via The Fox is Black

  10. Everything, without a word.
(via Shigeo Fukuda)

    Everything, without a word.

    (via Shigeo Fukuda)

  11. One of the best from the mind of Gerry Graf.

    Snickers Chefs (by SnickersUK1)

  12. Some vintage Japanese ads I stumbled upon. Visceral through the visual. More here.

  13. Inside voices.

    Inside voices.

  14. Nike Bench Advertisements Encourage Runners To Keep Going | Complex

    Nike Bench Advertisements Encourage Runners To Keep Going | Complex

  15. Right?
(via Jay Mug)


    (via Jay Mug)